Lindsay Wood   Director

Lindsay Wood


Ellie Young   Researcher, community projects

Ellie Young

Researcher, community projects


Lindsay Wood

Lindsay is a leader in the development and application of environmental thinking.

Building on his substantial involvement with environmental initiatives and his extensive career as an architect, Lindsay now focusses strongly on climate change issues. He specialises in making current environmental thinking widely accessible, and in the development and application of strategies to address climate change.

Lindsay has over 40 years’ experience in architecture and construction, in professional education, and in engaging with environmental issues. He has played key roles in numerous specialised projects, from experimental buildings to innovative degree programmes, from software development to mountain huts. He also continues to offer strategic design and cost management advice.  

His recent environmental activities have included:

  • Collaboration with BRANZ (the Building Research Association of NZ) on embodied energy in dwellings.

  • Presenting a range of climate-related workshops.

  • Working with local authorities on climate change strategies

  • Presenting at the EU “Cities and Climate” conference,

  • Sustainability advisor on medium-density housing

  • Major environmental study tours, Germany.

  • Numerous articles, talks and submissions in the field.

Through Resilienz Ltd., Lindsay offers services for organisations engaging with various facets of the climate crisis, including strategic planning, innovative projects, professional and staff development, and environmental documentation.

Lindsay is known for his ability to think outside the square, and is respected for the professionalism and collaborative approach he brings to his work.

Ellie Young

Ellie combines a deep commitment to tackling climate issues with a passion for connecting people, ideas and actions. She brings over 15 years’ experience in community services and development, including an extensive track record in helping sectors of society find creative solutions to challenging problems.

Ellie holds a Master of Sustainability and Climate Policy, a Post-graduate Certificate in Integrated Human Studies, and has conducted post-graduate research in community participation in sustainable, low carbon communities.

Her work is characterised by a critical and deep-thinking approach, and she loves working in ways that connect disciplines, and cross traditional silos of thinking and practice. She is currently on the Board of Volunteer Nelson and is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Nelson Environment Centre. 

Ellie loves to harness the collective wisdom of others through collaboration.  Blending evidence-based information with local knowledge, she helps guide communities to discover responses that are outside of the square, including skilled coaching to bring out the best solutions and drive effective actions.

Her particular interests include the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, climate-friendly cities, and participatory sustainability.


I can’t countenance knowing what is happening to the planet, knowing what that might mean for my grandchildren, for humanity, and for life generally, and not doing my utmost to help address it.
— Lindsay Wood
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Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Alone, we may not even take many steps, but together, the journey can be exciting and full of opportunities and possibilities for human wellbeing and our planet. I look forward to working alongside people who are keen to share the ride!
— Ellie Young