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Climate Matters is a free newsletter that gives intriguing insights into climate breakdown and climate recovery. It is strictly in a one-page format, with content drawn primarily from director Lindsay Wood’s own activities and investigation, and enriched by reader’s ideas and contributions.

Although CM is very brief, and written in everyday language, its content is supported by a network of wonderful specialists, from atmospheric researchers to geothermal engineers to environmental psychologists, who generously provide information and field queries to help maintain our currency and accuracy.

We had hoped to have the Climate Matters website running by now but have had too many other climate issues to engage with and are still building it. When it comes it will have expansions of key topics, guest articles, and better links and archiving.

Until accessible on the web, CM is just available in PDF format. The Nelson Science Society kindly archives CM at Lindsay Wood talk and Climate Change newsletters, and we’re delighted to email back-copies on request. Check out the contents index below, and use the button to email a request for issues and/or to subscribe to Climate Matters (out about every 10 days).

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