Lindsay Wood

Lindsay is a leader in the development and application of environmental thinking. He has over 40 years’ experience in architecture and construction, in professional education and in engaging with environmental issues in the private and public sectors. 

Building on his substantial involvement with environmental initiatives and his extensive career as an architect, Lindsay now focusses strongly on climate change issues. He specialises in making current environmental thinking widely accessible, and in the development and application of strategies to address climate change. He also continues to offer strategic design and cost management advice.  

Lindsay has played key roles in numerous specialised projects, from experimental buildings to innovative degree programmes, from software development to high altitude accommodation. 

Most recently his environmental activities have included:

  • Working with local authorities on climate change strategies
  • Sustainable transportation initiatives
  • Presenting a paper at the 2017 EU “Cities and Climate” conference,
  • Sustainability advisor on medium-density housing
  • Major environmental study tour, Germany.
  • Numerous articles and talks in the field.

Through his practice Resilienz, Lindsay offers services to support organisations engaging with climate change issues. He can assist in varied areas including strategic planning, professional and staff development and the preparation of environmental documentation.

Lindsay is known for his ability to think outside the square, and is respected for the professionalism and collaborative approach he brings to his work.


I can’t countenance knowing what is happening to the planet, knowing what that might mean for my grandchildren, for humanity, and for life generally, and not doing my utmost to help address it.
— Lindsay Wood