Turning problems into opportunities.

Resilienz has the overarching objective of accelerating our responses to climate change, and the associated social and economic issues.  We offer a suite of services to address these issues, tailored for:

  • The public and business sectors
  • Professional education
  • The construction industry

These services have evolved over many years, and are refined and adapted on an ongoing basis to retain currency and to meet the developing needs of our clients. 

Resilienz is flexible in its operation, working as an independent consultant or as an extension of an existing client team.

Climate Change Information Management: Resilienz curates and translates current climate change thinking into user-friendly, practical formats  to assist those responsible for integrating climate change issues into real projects.

Education & Advocacy:  Resilienz offers services for strategic planning workshops, professional development programmes, and writing for public and professional media. Director Lindsay Wood has a substantial track record in professional education and in writing and presenting on climate change.

Research & Development: Innovation is a key strategy in responding effectively to climate change. Resilienz has ongoing involvement in this arena, from construction efficiency to water-saving products, from innovative buildings to transportation experiments. 

Strategies for the Built Environment: The built environment is a major contributor to climate change. Many established must be upgraded to improve their environmental performance. Resilienz is involved in such varied facets as adapting construction methodology, managing the environmental and monetary costs of projects, developing professional standards, and general education and advocacy.

If not us, who? If not now, when?
— George Romney